Turning Point, the first of four in Georgia Hamiltons 'The Point Series'

Turning Point

The first in a four part series 'Turning Point' is a love story with an urban edge and told in a modern voice. 


Introducing Rayne and Connor.


Rayne has it all, her life is playing out like a great melody. When Connor comes and knocks her off her feet, she needs retuning. Is he the harmony she didn't even know she needed?


Connor takes each day as it comes, nothing in his life has ever been easy. He's cracked but not broken. Yet. Rayne gets in his way, then his head but can she get in his heart?


Turning Point


"A time at at which a decisive change in a situation occurs"


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Coming Autum 2018

Introduced to these romantic leads in Turning Point you'll be taken on a journey of opposites attracting in the much anticipated Vantage Point!


Georgia has spent the summer typing away and the second in The Point Series novels is almost finished. (FYI a writers search history is a sacred thing not for the faint of heart!)


All being well, it will be available on Amazon in September/October 2018.


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