Summer Lovin' had me a blast

Summer 2018 will forever go down as one of the greatest Summers of my life. It wasn’t an accident. I planned it that way.


Back in May I was coming to the end of S.A.D, the days were getting brighter and I was thinking about all things sunshine.


I had started to write “Turning Point” In February, in the middle of the depression that was the snowy winter. It gave me something to look forward too. I loved coming home and working on it. It was like watching my favourite film over and over (Pretty Woman, in case you are wondering).


Having a bucket list was never something I wanted to do, only because I am so damn driven I would either kill or bankrupt myself to get everything done. I mean, cruising around the Caribbean on a private yacht is not cheap. I may not have had a list but on my 39th birthday I made a decision. I was going to publish my book. Only how the hell do I do that?


During my evening constitutional the solution struck me like a truck. I was going to need someone to help.  I had been on twitter, following some other authors, publishing houses, editors – you name it I followed them. I needed someone to work with me and do my social media, build a profile. Get a following. I needed an assistant. After speaking to a mentor on twitter – we realised I already knew that person.


I approached Amy by text message late at night “Come and see me tomorrow I have a proposition”


We met early the next morning, I told her my dream – to publish a book and she not only came along for the ride she drove me forward.


The launch date got closer and we really didn’t know what we were doing but we were giving it a shot. I used every resource I had found, and every resource Amy had found, as well as her own skills and before the end of June we had a cover, a finished Manuscript and a Logo. Amy became my biggest fan the only to read the entire book that could look me in the eye and tell me the truth.


Over night on Facebook, I had started to gather a huge following 200, 300, 500, 700 the numbers were rolling and the relationships were growing. I cannot express enough how much Facebook did.


I joined a group “Manchester and Liverpool Authors Event” they were a lovely bunch, all supportive and oh! Look at this – there was an opening for Manchester… It was the 4th August . 4 days after my launch, 3 days after the eldest turned 21. Could I do it? Could I do my first ever signing the week I launch my book. Hell Yes I can. And I did.


 The sun was out, the world cup was on the way, the annual leave had kicked in, the book was finished and proofs delivered, the social media was active, the pre orders were in. I pressed Launch on July 31st 2018. Not only did my book launch, my new life did. Do I have a bucket list now? No. I have dreams to achieve instead.


GH - 15th September 2018